"Yamna Morocco" is a company producing tourist and cultural experiences for private and business clients.  In the field of tourism, we specialize in boutique tours of Morocco, exposing you to the rarest, most authentic and most fascinating routes, and introducing you personally to the local culture, and to sounds and flavors you have never known.   We produce theme trips to Morocco for groups from the private/business sectors, for families desiring to re-discover their roots and heterogeneous groups connecting Israeli tourists with those from other countries.

On our tours you will enjoy a special combination of old and new, visiting rurl and urban regions, with a variety of interactions, as will as cultural events rich in high-quality content. The Company's activity in the field of culture includes
 productions for private and business groups, original events combining musical shows, plays and solo performances with a variety of activities inspired by Moroccan culture.
"Yamna Morocco" is named after Yamna Azulai, of blessed memory, who was the grandmother of the Company's owner, Miriam Dahan.  Yamna was born in the unique city of Natifa in the Atlas mountains, and dedicated her whole life to love of her fellow man and to devoted treatment of the sick with the help of natural medicine.

About Miriam Dahan
Pleased to meet you.  My name is Miriam Dahan, the owner of "Yamna Morocco", which produces boutique trips to Morocco, represents artisans and artists and conducts cultural and theme events for private and business clients.  I belong to a family that immigrated to Israel from Morocco and is embedded in the rich culture of that country which shaped my childhood.   After my "Roots Journey" that followed the life story of my family, the desire arose and began burning within me to produce special theme tours of Morocco, such as would take tourists from Israel and other countries off the beaten track and create for them an extraordinary experience.

Based on my expertise in content productions, my personal and profound familiarity with the local culture and the team of proficient guides I have built up, I am proud to lead groups of visitors to Morocco and to create for them a multi-cultural, rich and exceptional experience.