ron dahan
My trip to Morocco was a kind of roots trip after my discharge from the army. Thanks to Miriam who planned the trip in an exceptional way, we managed to experience no plantation, despite the great distance between all the planned destinations. The trip provided me with a special tourist experience and allowed me to experience the variety that Yishai offered to Morocco. Combining old traditions with modern cities. Authentic encounters with local people, excellent music, grandeur alongside simplicity, and of course how it is possible without Moroccan Jewry. The stories, the sites and the special people who suddenly remind you of the house. In short, an amazing experience. Thank you Miriam for the meticulous organization and meticulousness of every detail! highly recommend
Dear Miriam!
There are no words that can describe our appreciation and the gratitude we would like to express. Take care of yourself with a loving and respectful attitude in the shower and dressing, and beyond the basic needs, give her confidence. And relaxation (even in embarrassing moments).
In the name of my mother, my brothers, my sisters and my name, thank you very much. That the Holy One, blessed be He, will give you and your family health, joy, happiness and success in all your actions. Love you!!!
Miriam Elimelech and her children
Linda Shperling Miami:
A great appreciation for an empowering experience and an unforgettable trip and special thanks for allowing it nevertheless and despite everything, it is really not obvious and for this you will be blessed. Sure you will succeed wherever you go thanks and never in duty, Amen 😘🙋🏻♀😘
You are an amazing woman with an extraordinary ability to bride and everything you do with respect and a high hand, which we have earned 🙌🏽
Natalie Azul
I just put it here dear people,
I would like to say, as someone who has traveled many times to the enchanting Western Kingdom of Morocco, to travel with Miriam is one of the most pleasant experiences I have ever experienced.
I got to know Miriam when she took a trip in May and immediately knew that I would continue traveling in the future and I would say it with a full mouth.
Miriam's trips to Morocco are of a very high standard and a quality writer is really a dream experience of a trip from the movies, and all this was done with a lot of attention to the needs of the entire group from a small request to a personal request.
Good things do not change and good things definitely stay and I'm with you Miriam certainly will continue to travel 💝
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