Travel to Morocco          
"Yamna Morocco" is proud to produce boutique tours of Morocco for private and business groups from Israel and worldwide, as well as family tours and "Roots Journeys".  Due to the personal and family connection with Morocco of the Company's owner, Miriam Dahan, her many years of experience in the field of cultural productions and her cooperation with the most experienced guides, we are able to create for all groups who travel with us an authentic, rich and varied experience.  Our tours introduce you to a unique Morocco in all its diversity
by connecting between old and new, rural and urban scenery, an abundance of attractions, as well as closed cultural events for groups, consisting of cabaret clubs, performances by local artists, lectures, etc.
"Roots Journeys" to Morocco
"Yamna Morocco", which was established following a family journey with the participation of
the Company's owner, Miriam Dahan, produces "Roots Journeys" to Morocco for many families, creatively combining the family story with the local culture, the spectacular scenery and the most interesting attractions.  Our expertise lies in creating a fascinating journey, one which will give all members of the family, from grandmother to grandson, a sense of involvement and a unique experience of great value.
Organized Tours of Morocco
"Yamna Morocco" produces boutique tours of Morocco for groups from the private sector and adapts a rich variety of routes for the target public suited to the character of the group, age levels and fields of interest.  In addition, the Company produces tours for heterogeneous groups, connecting Israeli tourists with visitors from other countries.  Our goal is to create correlation between the character of the group and the general themes, routes and activities that will together shape your unique trip.
Tours of Morocco for Corporations and Organizations
"Yamna Morocco" produces trips to Morocco for corporations and organizations who wish to provide their personnel with a high-quality, empowering and unique experience.  Our tours
are generally planned individually, correlating the aspirations of the organization, its vision
and purposes with the routes, themes and cultural events you will experience along the way.
Concept Tours
Morocco is known as a country rich in culture, with diverse scenery, unique flavors, all
creating together a range of inspiration for its visitors. Yamna Morocco leverages the local experience and produces for you a variety of concept tours combining culinary, artistic and photographic experiences, and more.